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Canoe and Kayak: in canyon of River Cetina
kayakUnlike rafting, canoeing requires that participants paddle independently in the boats for 2-3 persone. Guides are go with group in kayaks, and care for safety on the river. Our journey will take us through the magnificent canyon of River Cetina, with average depth 40-100 meters, and it will last approximately 3 hours. At the end we will climb to the place where buses will be awaiting. Canoeing is an activity involving a special kind of canoe. When exactly a canoe can be called a kayak is difficult to determine.



canoe5The term canoeing is used as a generic term for both forms though the terms "paddle sports" or "canoe/kayak" are also used. In North America, however, 'canoeing' usually refers only to canoes, as opposed to both canoes and kayaks. Paddling a kayak is also referred to as kayaking. In modern canoe sport, canoes and kayaks are classified together, although these watercraft have different designs, and historical uses. Both canoes and kayaks may be closed-decked.

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